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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bedroom Colours According to Vastu

bedroom colour as per vastu
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Crafting an optimal haven for rest is the goal. The choice of bedroom color is critical.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science. It shows the profound impact of colors on our mood, energy, and well-being.

This guide explores the harmonious realm of bedroom colors endorsed by Vastu. It aims to foster peace, positivity, and harmony in your bedroom.

Table of Contents

Bedroom colour as per Vastu

  1. Light Pink

Significance: Light pink is gentle and soothing. It represents love and warmth. It fosters understanding and caring relationships. It’s ideal for couples’ bedrooms.

Effects: Promotes calmness, reduces aggression, and enhances mood.

2. Light Blue

Significance: This color mirrors the sky, symbolizing tranquility and serenity. Light blue is said to help relaxation. It lowers stress and improves sleep.

Effects: Encourages relaxation, relieves stress, and promotes peaceful sleep.

3. Light Green

Significance: Light green is linked to nature. It is known for its healing power. It’s said to bring balance and harmony. It makes the environment calmer and more rejuvenating.

Effects: Enhances healing, rejuvenates energy, and reduces anxiety.

4. Off-White or Cream

Significance: These neutral shades are linked with purity and calmness. They can make a room feel more spacious and airy, contributing to peace and tranquility.

Effects: It creates a peaceful mood. It makes spaces seem more significant and feel clean and calm.

5. Light Yellow

Significance: Light yellow captures the joy and vitality of sunlight. It’s believed to inspire optimism, creativity, and intellectual clarity.

Effects: Stimulates the mind, promotes happiness, and enhances concentration.

6. Peach

Significance: Peach is a soft, nurturing color that can bring comfort and warmth to a room. It’s thought to encourage friendliness while being soothing to the senses.

Effects: Offers comfort, enhances warmth, and promotes positive interactions.

7. Lavender

Significance: Lavender has a mystical quality associated with purification and spiritual connection. It’s known for reducing stress and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Effects: Reduces anxiety, aids in relaxation, and supports mental well-being.

8. Beige

Significance: Beige offers elegance without the starkness of pure white. It’s calming and can serve as a neutral backdrop that complements other colors.

Effects: It has three effects. It calms, is versatile in decor, and promotes stability.

9. Soft Grey

Significance: Soft grey is a modern neutral. It brings balance and sophistication. It’s versatile and can be paired with brighter colors for depth and contrast.

Effects: Fosters balance, adds a contemporary feel and supports a calm environment.

10. Mint Green

Significance: This refreshing shade is linked with freshness and positive energy. Mint green can lighten a space, making it feel more vibrant yet soothing.

Effects: Invigorates the space, promotes positive energy, and enhances mental clarity.

11. Sky Blue

Significance: Reflecting the vastness of the sky, this color is associated with freedom and inspiration. It can help in creating a sense of openness and peace.

Effects: Encourages serenity, promotes inspiration, and enhances the sense of space.

12. Saffron (Light Orange)

Significance: Saffron is light orange. It is considered sacred. It is associated with courage and sacrifice. It is believed to add a spiritual dimension to the space.

Effects: Stimulates wellness, encourages motivation, and adds a spiritual element.

13. Pastel Shades

Significance: Pastel colors are soft and light. They bring a gentle energy to the bedroom. They are soothing to the eyes and can create a delicate, calming environment.

Effects: Softens the atmosphere, reduces stress, and is visually soothing.

14. Turquoise

Significance: This color is vibrant. It balances blue’s calm with green’s growth. It means clarity and healing. It can create a dynamic yet balanced energy in the bedroom.

Effects: Stimulates emotional balance, fosters creativity, and promotes healing.

15. Golden

Significance: Golden hues bring a touch of prosperity and luxury. They are often used in accents to enrich the bedroom’s aesthetic and vibrancy.

Effects: Adds a luxurious feel, enhances prosperity, and elevates the room’s energy.


Following Vastu Shastra’s principles can turn your sleeping space into a sanctuary. They can help in choosing the perfect bedroom color. It will be one of tranquility and equilibrium.

The tones are serene for the primary bedroom. They are lively for the children’s rooms and inviting for the guest room. Each one adds a lot to the mood and energy of the space.

We urge you to use these Vastu-endorsed colors in your bedroom decor. They foster a calm and uplifting environment. This environment helps relaxation and well-being.

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