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Understanding Numerology: A Comprehensive Guide

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What is Numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers. It applies to human affairs.

Pythagoras first laid down its principles. He did this about 500 years before the Christian era.

There are only nine “primal” numbers, from 1 to 9. Numerology is based on these numbers. Any number, no matter how big, can be reduced to one of these nine by adding from left to right. Then, keep reducing until only one number is left.

Now, there are only nine distinct types of people, each of them governed by one of the nine primal numbers, as follows: –

  2. The PLACID or BALANCED type.
  3. The EXPRESSIVE or ACTIVE type.
  5. The VERSATILE or RESTLESS type.
  7. The MYSTIC or MELANCHOLY type.
  9. The UNIVERSAL or MAGNETIC type.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Number

It is easy to find your numerology number. Add up your birthdate from left to right and reduce until you get a single number.

For example, say a person was born on the 5th day of February 1897. Write down the birth date first, thus :

5-2-1897. Now add from left to right 5+2+1+8+9 +7=32.

Now add 32. thus:-3+2=5.

So, we see that this person’s ruling number is 5. That is to say, they belong to the number 5 type of person.

Types of Numerology

There are multiple branches or types of Numerology. However, it’s good to know the other systems (types). Let’s look at these quickly.

Chinese Numerology

This is becoming more popular; however, it has always been around (since ancient China). Chinese Numerology is mainly about ‘luck.’ The Chinese have always been big believers in luck. It is tied to the recognition of natural cycles. Synchronicities and series of events determine how much luck one

is to have and at what times. Chinese Numerology assigns meanings (energetic associations) to the numbers. Certain number combinations are luckier than others! This is the basis of this system of Numerology. It’s interesting to note that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has specific uses for numbers. They also have particular meanings. The body gets numerical values in acupuncture, acupressure, and meridian psychotherapy. These correspond to the natural cycles.

Twelve vessels are circulating the body, just as there are 12 months in a year and 12 Zodiac signs (astrology). This is unique to Chinese philosophy. 12 is used to portray the 12 rivers flowing to the Central Kingdom. Secondly, they refer to 365 parts of the body, one to each day of the year. (This is how they locate acupoints.)

Alphabetic systems

Various systems assign numerical values to the letters of the alphabet. These include Abjad numerals in Arabic, Hebrew numerals, Greek numerals, and Armenian numerals—the most well-known! Gematria is another one. It is a Jewish approach that assigns mystical meanings to words based on their numerical values.

Several Latin alphabet systems exist. Pythagorean Numerology is the main one in the Latin bracket, but there’s also Chaldean, Hebrew, Phonetic, Japanese, Arabic, and Indian.


Pythagorean system


Pythagoras lived from 569 to 470 B.C. He was a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He is known as the father of Western Numerology. Pythagoras discovered that stringed instruments have vibrations. These vibrations have numerical values. So they can be explained using math and numbers. Thus, a natural synergy and relationship existed between numbers and musical notes. This system takes into account both full name and date of birth. Your full name is split into several different ‘types,’ which now, in the modern day, we recognize as Soul Urge,

Expression/Destiny, and Personality, and the main Life Path. Generally speaking, the name to use is one’s full name on your birth certificate.

Each letter is equated with a number 1- 9.

1 = A, J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L, U
4 = D, M, V
5 = E, N, W
6 = F, O, X
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9 = I, R

Chaldean (Babylonian) System

Chaldeans were ancient people who ruled Babylonia from 625 to 539 BC. The Chaldean system of Numerology is from Babylon. It describes the subtle energy changes during speech and thinking. Sounds come out at different vibrations when we speak, as do thoughts when we think. These thoughts and speech have numbers to show what is happening. This system used numbers 1- 8 only. Many practices, spiritual beliefs, and numerology systems recognize the number 8 as infinity, so they do not use the number 9. The coding stops at 8; therefore, the infinite wisdom and timelessness are increased.

Master numbers are 11, 22, and 33 (we explore this later). The Pythagorean system also recognizes them. Differences? In the Chaldean system, one’s first name is their social persona. It is how one presents themselves to the public and others. It also encompasses personal interests, passions, and habitual routines. One’s middle name refers to one’s soul energy– the core truth about one’s inner soul and deepest

yearnings. The middle name also portrays hidden gifts & abilities, talents, and soulful desires. Your last name shows family and domestic influences. It represents likes, strengths, and passions rooted in physical reality. It also represents tradition, culture, background, and heritage.

Advanced Chaldean Numerology

Furthermore, Chaldean or Babylonian Numerology has an advanced system. This involves the Highest Self, Higher Self, and Human Self. These three terms are all part of the numeroscope.

The ‘highest self’ is calculated using one’s full birthdate. The ‘human self’ is a unique formula. One calculates it using a number of combinations of one’s birth date and full legal/birth certificate name.

One’s ‘higher self’ is a gateway. It stands between the soul, or more specifically, the will of the soul, and the human self and earthly experience.

It’s interesting. Many modern and ancient spiritual systems recognize the “higher self,” also called the higher mind. It connects lower human attributes to a higher consciousness.

Call this cosmic consciousness, the divine, or a sense of enlightenment (spiritual awareness). People have consistently recognized and spoken of the higher self.

This book explores Numerology’s primary benefit: helping us connect to our higher selves, our true selves (inner soul), and our highest potential.

Being aware of advanced Chaldean Numerology (the numeroscope) has some advantages. It predicts the future, connecting one to the past, present, and future. Like predictive astrology, this advanced Numerology goes further than modern and traditional systems. It considers the whole self. Time is multidimensional; life is a multifaceted experience. We’re not solely living in a 3-dimensional or linear reality. Both Numerology and astrology are aware of the power of celestial transits and natural cycles.

History, Spiritual Roots & Origins

The awareness of the power of numbers has been understood for some time. Pythagoras was a famous Greek philosopher. He said that math was more practical and classifiable than physical things. So, math was more accurate.

Numerology has been a part of religions and spiritual practices throughout human history. Important church members said everything has numerical relationships (see the starting quote!). They say it’s up to us to seek and investigate these mysteries. Divine grace is closely tied to Numerology.

Divine grace shows how all is interconnected. There is a mystical, spiritual bond between all conscious beings. The universe has a subtle energy. We humans are part of the great mystery of this spiritual universe. It holds an oneness that we are part of. In short, Numerology, as a system for self-healing and personal development, takes note of the synchronicities and patterns found in the physical universe (numbers, signs, subconscious or subtle messages…).

In 325 AD, Numerology was still an “unapproved belief.” It was grouped with astrology and called ‘magic.’ Christianity had not yet accepted it.

However, despite this religious purging, sacred numbers were still well-known. They were also integrated into acceptance.

We can’t tell if the Church’s acceptance of sacred numbers allowed for their growth, but it’s safe to say that Numerology has always been part of our history.

In the Story of Creation, it is suggested that God created the world in 7 days. Seven is highly esteemed regardless of one’s interpretation of ‘God’ (a male-like cosmic entity in the Heavens, the Universe, the divine, Spirit, etc.). From a spiritual point of view, those who see the significance of numbers in spiritual awakening see seven as the number of illuminations. Someone with a “7 personality” is spiritually aware, insightful, reflective, and open to the mysteries of the universe. They seek the more profound meaning in things.

Also, it is no wonder we have seven days in a week. We use numbers in everyday life. We count numbers on our birthdays and measure essential cycles. Three is another big number. In Christianity, it stands for the Holy Trinity. In spiritual circles, it’s called the number of creativity, imagination, and artistic self-expression.

Numerology benefits

Numerology will not only tell you your Destiny Number. It will also tell you your positive qualities for growing. And your Negative Qualities to suppress.

This system is robust and ancient. The wonderful thing is that it has many uses and applications. You can use Numerology to learn about love, work, and service. It gives vital insights into every part of life and self. It covers love, relationships, work, and service. It also covers your career, personality, strengths, and core desires.

Below are the main aspects and benefits of Numerology.

Love and Romantic relationships

Numerology, which works on the basis of synchronicities, can help you learn about and even determine your love life. This has been mentioned a few times now, but what does it really mean?

Synchronicity in Numerology is about simultaneous events or “messages” (signs, cues) that are significant yet have yet to be connected. It relies heavily on the understanding of mysticism and subtle energy.

Not everything can be explained by a rational or analytical, science-based mind. Some things in life are unexplainable, intuitive, and spiritual. We often need a cause to ‘make sense’ of events & situations. But Numerology looks at the more profound messages and meanings at play. “Not everything is as it meets the eye…” Numerology allows one to see through the veil and get below the surface.

In love and romance, this means subtle clues show us the way. They’re about sex and partnerships. At the same time, we can look at our name and birth date for insight. They have meanings and themes.

Numerology goes ‘within’ and ‘without’—internal and external. Our dates of birth and names at birth are one piece of the puzzle. Numbers, in reality, show us the wisdom in subtle energy. Knowledge and divine guidance are all around us. Key themes in love and partnership include our romantic desires and sexual needs. They open new paths to learning and self-growth. Extraordinary transformation can come about through numerological wisdom.

Perhaps recurring situations have been on repeat for far too long. Or, maybe you can’t seem to transcend karmic or toxic love patterns and plays. Do you believe in soulmate connections and true love? Or do you prefer flights of fancy and short love affairs? Numerology can tell. Your passions, hidden needs, and beliefs about sex, love, and connection have a light shone on them.

Career, Profession, and Service

Your life path number is the main number used for self-evolution and self-development. Familiarity with Numerology lets you see your actual life path. It’s your true north and sense of service. What are your gifts, talents, hidden strengths, and soulful desires? Are you living up to your true power and potential?

When did you step into your true path? How did you do it? How will you embody your highest potential for work or service to others?

Numerology provides a clear and detailed focus for you. Your ‘life path’ and soul urge, heart’s desire, expression, destiny, and personality give clear wisdom. They provide direction for big life choices. They show you key themes, traits, characteristics, and aspects of your life and self. Everyone has a unique frequency, a blueprint personal to them.

The core numbers in Numerology provide all you need. They help you make choices in line with your highest self. Your life path/purpose is your career—a service, a sense of fate, destiny, and a calling.

You could argue that it’s your destiny in life. This is what your life path number and meaning signify.

You can learn why if you’ve experienced many failures or equally many successes in work and career. Further, you can learn how to turn things around or strengthen wins and victories.

This old and powerful system has a beautiful feature. It highlights your strengths and gifts through the meanings of your birth name and date. Past failure cycles don’t have to be repeated, in other words.

You may have tried hard to establish yourself as an ‘A,’ ‘B,’ or ‘C’ (scientist, reiki specialist, nurse, teacher, therapist, I.T. specialist, politician, entrepreneur, lawyer, for example). Yet, the profession you thought was ideally suited to you isn’t. You may need to be corrected. Or, you may have natural talents and gifts. You also have a destined sense of service. But, they are for a field opposite to yours. When we’re younger, we often go for ‘traditional’ routes. We aim to be doctors, lawyers, Government & Politics students, nurses, vets, etc. When we grow older, we realize there are many other routes.

We share this to make you aware of Numerology’s subtle energy and hidden forces. Grace’s example was used above. She is a Life Path 11 (also Life Path 2). Her Expression/Destiny number is 22 (also 4), and her Soul Urge number is 3. We explore the significance of this later on.

Awareness of the metaphysical and spiritual nature of life and self

Numerology lets you start seeing things as connected. It’s even spiritual. The power and presence of numbers teach the reality of synchronicities. Unique numbers often appear when we most need them—for example, the famed “11/11” or “11:11.

Numerology can help you see that everything in the universe has an extensive design. It can also show how everything is connected.

We live in a holographic quantum universe, which means that everything is connected. This includes the tiniest atom in our cells and the distant cosmos and galaxies. Religious and spiritual figures and groups have always spoken of this as Spirit, as have mystics.

Shamans and aboriginal tribal cultures, such as Aboriginal Australians, intentionally connect to this subtle spiritual energy in dream space (dreaming/sleep) and other forms of experience. Transcendental meditation, drumming, dance, and song are keyways to connecting to the Spirit within and to the subtle energy permeating our universe simultaneously.

In Numerology, we pay attention to the external numbers and subconscious signs. They may show themselves and the energetic blueprints of our core frequency. Like pieces of a puzzle, our lives are complex. Yet, they’re surprisingly simple once we see life’s spiritual unity and harmony. The core themes are life lessons and cycles of growth. They are doorways to self-evolution. They become simple and ‘light’ once we integrate the teachings. Balance is attainable- inner harmony and unity with our higher selves. With

This comes to light once the heaviness of growth and hard lessons are completed.

Holistic Health: Transcending Karma & Lower Vibrational Ways!

Finally, health and well-being are deeply connected to Numerology. Health is not just physical; it is also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our whole selves are ‘mind, body, and spirit,’ essentially. Numerology lets you find the root of imbalances. It reveals issues and patterns in health. Disease is something that is at dis-ease with itself, i.e., there is a lack of harmony within. A diseased mind results in mental health problems, minor or significant.

Disease is also a distortion, a form of dualistic internal chaos. We can be diseased (distorted) in mind, body, Spirit, emotions, and soul. So, Numerology helps us overcome the blocks and challenges to perfect health.

Karma is something you should take note of, too. No matter your beliefs, whether you believe in the afterlife, past lives, or the timeless soul, karma affects us daily. We enter into karmic exchanges consciously or unconsciously.

Every interaction we have with others is a karmic exchange. It happens with humans, animals, and the Earth. Our intentions shape our reality and the future experiences we attract. Our karma binds us. We can carry karma from past lives. It can influence our future selves. Are your intentions pure or rooted in manipulation? How honest have you been to yourself and others? Do you treat others and the Earth with the respect, love, and empathy life deserves? Or have you acted from a place of ego, destruction, deception, and greed? Every human emotion, feeling, sensation, and action is under karma.

Exploring our Life Path and other numbers opens doorways to honesty and truth. Numerology lets us tune into our core selves—our accurate and authentic selves. It helps us see the signs and themes of our lives. Karma can be transcended, and health can be achieved.

Numerology Numbers

Numerology involves various numbers, each holding different significance. Here are some of the primary types of numbers in Numerology:

Life Path Number

This is the most critical number in your numerology chart, which is derived from your date of birth. It clearly outlines the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will face in life.

Destiny Number (Expression Number)

This number is derived from your full name at birth. It highlights your skills, abilities, and shortcomings and helps you find your purpose in life.

Soul Urge Number (Heart's Desire Number)

Calculated from the vowels in your full birth name, this number represents the inner you. It shows your underlying urge, proper motivation, and what reads as joy to your heart.

Personality Number

This number is derived from the consonants in your full name. It reveals the parts of yourself that you are most willing to show others. This number acts like a narrow entrance hall to the great room that is your true nature.

Birthday Number

You find it by reducing your birthday to a single digit. This number shows your unique talent. It is a gift that will help you along your Life’s Path.

Maturity Number

This number is sometimes considered a second Life Path Number. It is calculated by adding the Life Path Number and the Destiny Number. It shows that you are maturing and indicates where your talents and power lie.

Attitude Number

Also known as the Sun Number, it combines the birth month and birth date numbers. This number can show your attitude towards the ups and downs in life. It helps in understanding how you react to situations.

Master Numbers

In Numerology, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are known as Master Numbers. They are not single digits because they hold vital energy. They represent the potential for spiritual growth and learning. Each Master Number is a level of initiation that we all must go through during our journey on Earth.

These numbers form a numerology chart. Numerologists use numbers to find insights and predictions. Each number has its own spiritual principles and unique vibrations that affect the individual differently.

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