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One Powerful Remedy for Harmonizing All Planets

one remedy for all planets
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Each planet in the vast universe has a vital role. They influence different aspects of our lives, from emotions to actions. Astrology is an ancient language that evolves with the stars. It teaches us that celestial bodies influence our well-being. Imagine if there was one remedy that could solve problems caused by all planets. This article delves into the realm of imagination and scientific speculation to explore the concept of one remedy for all planets. The journey explores how a remedy can align and balance different planetary energies. These energies have an impact on us every day.

Table of Contents

Universal Remedy for All Planets

Pouring fresh milk on the temple’s shivling once a month will help with all the nine planets.

When people do that, their wealth increases. Their relationships improve, and they advance in their careers.

Some other remedies that can be helpful for each planet include

  1. Sun – wear a ruby to strengthen the Sun, which treats all bone disorders. It treats issues such as ulcers, gastritis, and stomach troubles. It raises one’s soul/spirit. It raises one’s social standing. Burma ruby is thought to be the best.
  2. Moon – Wear white pearls to strengthen the moon. It relaxes the mind and provides mental serenity. It treats sleeplessness, cardiac difficulties, and respiratory issues. It increases sexual vigour. It promotes love and affection in the marital relationship.
  3. Mars – Wear coral to strengthen Mars. It improves both physical and mental endurance. It helps improve the well-being of younger siblings. It also helps maintain positive relationships with them. In the case of mangalika dosha, it improves marriage prospects and fosters marital peace. The best corals are bright red Italian and Japanese corals.
  4. Mercury – Wear emeralds to strengthen Mercury. It is beneficial for nervous system illnesses, speech problems, etc. It can help with digestive system ailments like diarrhoea and dysentery. It is also effective for gastric difficulties, ulcers, and bowel problems. It is also beneficial in business and trade.
  5. Wear a Topaz to strengthen Jupiter. It helps treat coughs, throat problems, colds, fevers, and jaundice. Topaz also benefits liver problems and other ailments. It encourages good fortune, religiousness, and wealth. It is beneficial to one’s children.
  6. Venus – Wear a Diamond to strengthen Venus. It helps prevent urinary and sexual abnormalities. It also prevents skin and uterine problems. Additionally, it helps prevent diabetes and other ailments. It brings comfort and enjoyment to/from the wife/spouse.
  7. Saturn – Wear a Blue Sapphire to strengthen Saturn. It helps treat depression, neurological disorders, epilepsy, arthritis, and rheumatism. It also helps with cramps, stomach ulcers, deafness, and baldness. It can be used for other conditions too. It protects against the calamities brought about by an evil Saturn. However, it should only be worn after testing for a positive effect.
  8. Rahu – Wear Hessonite or Gomed to strengthen Rahu. It can help with acid reflux, phobias, and other issues.
  9. Ketu – Wear Cat’s Eye to strengthen Ketu. It helps with chronic and terminal disorders like cancer and surgery.


We searched for one solution to planetary energies and explored various concepts. These concepts provide a holistic approach to well-being and spiritual growth. But the key lesson we learned is that everyone is unique. Our star signs and planets are all unique, just like our personalities. While one general remedy might be a good start, what works best differs for each person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Which God controls all navagraha?

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is often seen as the deity. He has dominion over the Navagrahas, the nine celestial bodies. He is highly respected as the supreme being. He can influence the planetary gods. These gods govern various aspects of life. Devotees worship Lord Shiva. They do this to mitigate negative effects. The negative effects are from the Navagrahas in their astrological charts.

Q2: How can we strengthen all planets?

One can follow specific remedies and practices to enhance the impact of the nine planets in Hindu astrology. These include worshipping the related deities, reciting mantras like the Navagraha Stotram, wearing gemstones, giving prayers and donations, and engaging in good deeds and positive thinking. Each planet has unique remedies, but these actions aim to harmonize their influences in one's life. Additionally, consulting an experienced astrologer for personalized guidance can be beneficial.

Q3: Do astrological remedies work?**

The effectiveness of astrological remedies varies from person to person. It's a matter of personal belief. These remedies have deep roots in certain cultures. They are believed to align cosmic energies and bring positive changes. Engaging in these practices often brings comfort and psychological benefits. They also do it to gain a sense of control over life's uncertainties. , whether these remedies work is based on one's faith and experiences.

Q4: Which planet makes you powerful?

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes power, authority, and vitality. In the horoscope, a well-placed Sun brings confidence and strength. It also grants the ability to influence others. The Sun's impact in astrology depends on its position and interactions. Other planets also play a role in an individual's birth chart. Thus, its influence can vary greatly among different individuals.

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