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Understanding Rashi Lords: A Guide to Planetary Rulers in Astrology

Rashi Lords
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Astrology offers a fascinating glimpse into how celestial bodies influence our lives. Among these, the concept of Rashi Lords stands out. Rashi Lords are believed to have a significant impact on the characteristics and life paths of individuals born under their corresponding zodiac signs. From Aries’ fiery Mars to Pisces’ dreamy Neptune, each Rashi Lord bestows unique traits and experiences. This article gives insights into how these celestial influencers shape our personalities and destinies.

Table of Contents

Rashi Lords

Zodiac Sign (English) Zodiac Sign (Hindi) Rashi Lord
मेष (Mesh)
Mars (Mangal)
मिथुन (Mithun)
Mercury (Budh)
कर्क (Kark)
Moon (Chandra)
सिंह (Sinh)
Sun (Surya)
कन्या (Kanya)
Mercury (Budh)
तुला (Tula)
Venus (Shukra)
वृश्चिक (Vrishchik)
Mars (Mangal)
धनु (Dhanu)
Jupiter (Guru)
मकर (Makar)
Saturn (Shani)
कुम्भ (Kumbh)
Saturn (Shani)
मीन (Meen)
Jupiter (Guru)
वृषभ (Vrishabh)
Venus (Shukra)

Which Rashi is lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna is often associated with the Rashi Vrishabha (Taurus) in Hindu astrology.

Who is lord Rahu?

In Hindu astrology, Lord Rahu is considered a shadow planet or a celestial body. It represents the north node of the Moon. Rahu is often depicted as a demon who swallows the Sun or the Moon, causing eclipses. It symbolizes materialism, mischief, and chaos, playing a significant role in influencing the lives and fortunes of individuals in Vedic astrology.

Which planet is Shani?

Shani refers to the planet Saturn in Hindu astrology.

Who is powerful Rashi?

In astrology, no single zodiac sign is considered universally powerful over others. The same goes for Rashi. Each sign has its unique strengths and weaknesses. The perceived power of a Rashi can vary depending on the specific context. Astrology views the harmony and interaction of all signs as essential. This helps in understanding individual and collective life experiences.

Who is lord of Kumbh Rashi?

The lord of Kumbh Rashi (Aquarius) in Hindu astrology is the planet Saturn (Shani).


Exploring the world of Rashi Lords opens up a universe of understanding about ourselves and those around us. Each Zodiac sign, from Aries (Mesh) to Pisces (Meen), is governed by a specific planetary lord. These planets add unique influences and characteristics to the signs. The knowledge of Rashi lords remains a pivotal aspect of astrological studies.

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